After that nice surprise I got from the intro to Future’s new album, I decided to try to track down some other Big Rube appearances on some lesser-known Dungeon Family albums, and I chose Cool Breeze‘s first album, entitled East Point’s Greatest Hits to start with because I’ve heard good things about it for a while now, and I’ve heard that it was actually Breeze and not Goodie Mob that originally coined the term “Dirty South” for their song of the same name.  So chances are, this dude’s got somethin’ to say.

On first listen, I am very impressed by Cool Breeze’s debut.  The Big Rube track is one of the best one’s I’ve heard anywhere, there’s a verse from 8Ball that might be my favorite of his of all time, and there’s a real nice mix of moods throughout the whole thing; from danceable, party-vibe sounds to some really nice cruisin’/hangin’ out type tracks, which is what I’ve come to expect from pretty much any major Dungeon Family release, they do a really nice job of floating back and forth across that accessible get-up-and-dance vibe and the more cerebral, thoughtful vibe.  Organized Noize takes care of almost all the production, which pretty much guarantees success in my book, and Breeze does a really nice job of adapting his flow to the different vibes that they bring to the table.  I recommend this album very highly if you’re a fan of early (or mid or late for that matter) OutKast, Goodie Mob, Sleepy Brown, etc. type music.  I think I’m going to find myself hooked on this album for a while, and I’ll probably fall in love with a few different songs in the course of it, but the one that’s really caught me on the first listen is this track, if for nothing else than the opening line, which I lifted for the title of this post.  Absolutely perfect.

Cool Breeze – Butta



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