Chances are, everybody that reads this blog has at least heard of ASAP Rocky, his LiveLoveASAP mixtape last year was big enough to get him a multimillion dollar major label deal, where he’ll hopefully continue to shine as he has been so far.  A lot of people I hear talking about that album seem to enjoy the production on it as much or even more than Rocky’s rapping, and many people’s attention seem pretty acutely focused on the numerous Clams Casino beats on that tape.  I definitely get down to all those tracks, but I have to admit that when it really comes down to it, it’s the Beautiful Lou production that really resonates with me, especially on this one.  This has got to be my favorite song from that tape.

ASAP Rocky – Trilla (feat. ASAP Twelvy & ASAP Nast)

That beat to me sounds like if RZA had been born in Houston instead of Brownsville, the simplicity is perfectly executed and utterly captivating, like so many of Beautiful Lou’s productions.  So why am I writing about this now, almost 6 months after the release of that mixtape and after he’s already put out plenty of newer awesome material?  Because I just found out where that deliciously syncopated vocal sample came from that perfectly responds to the call of those thick, heavy drums throughout the beat.

Das EFX – They Want EFX

You’ve gotta really have your ears open to catch it, it only happens once, but it’s early on in the song when the beat drops for a couple seconds around 0:24.  Sometimes I hear an old song and it practically screams out for someone to come and loop a couple bars of it to make a beat out of, but this one is some very impressive selection on Lou’s part, in my opinion.  To catch that little break and then to combine it with the guitar and drums like he does in that “Trilla” beat is some serious genius-level sampling, it kinda blows my mind.  I hope Lou keeps grinding and putting out material of the quality he’s been releasing, I feel like he’s one of the more underrated producers in rap right now.  Keep it up, Lou, I’ll be following your ascension to musical success with much anticipation.

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One thought on “ONE TWO — UM — BUCKLE MY — UM

  1. Amber Eckley says:

    So thick and dreamy! Thank you!!!

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