I came to Norman with absolutely minimal planning yesterday.  I mean I packed a bag, I remembered my toothbrush and clean socks and my laptop (so I can write this post to y’all), but that’s about it.  I didn’t call anybody or make specific plans with any specific people, I didn’t figure out a place to stay, I just figured it’s Norman, it’ll work out.  So far I’ve been 100% correct in that assumption, and it’s been awesome.  I got to see some of the coolest music I’ve seen at any Norman Music Fest last night behind Guestroom Records, I ran into several people that were all wonderful to talk to, had some great conversations, I got two Arizona Arnold Palmers from CVS for a dollar, and at the verrrrry end of the night, I got hooked up with the best spot to crash at possible: future DRIVE SLOW contributor Matt Hall gave me free reign over his whole house for the night, beautiful!

As nice as that gesture was though, I was amazed when I woke up this morning how Matt gets any sleep at all around here, there was more noise from his neighbors today than I heard at the festival all last night, I swear!  I heard somebody hammering some nails on one side of the house (Thom, I’m looking in your direction…), kids running around, somebody was blaring “Who Let the Dogs Out?” at one point, I had saxophone arpeggios floating in the window from the other side of the house (I ain’t mad at ya, George), I think I heard a weed eater at some point, oh and of course the weekly tornado siren test.  It was ridiculous.  I still can’t complain about the situation as a whole, Matt’s bed is very accommodating (wink to all the ladies out there), his kitty cat The Nin (not real sure how to spell that, it’s pronounced “Neen” but it’s short for “Menina”) was very sweet to me, and not every sound I heard was unpleasant, I did happen to catch this one from some far away loudspeaker…

KC and the Sunshine Band – Boogie Shoes

…which I swear tricks (ha!) me into thinking this song is playing every time, which I’d honestly prefer though I got nothin against ol’ KC.

Trick Daddy – Take it to da House (feat. Trina & Slip-N-Slide Express)

Here’s to more coincidental good fortune for today, who wants to come roll the dice of life with me??

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