Just in case you haven’t been assaulted on all fronts by notifications of my new EP, here’s another one!  You can find it on the ALBUMS/MIXTAPES page, along with all the other recordings you might have missed, or if you don’t want that extra click, here’s a direct link (don’t I take good care of you?).

If you’re not on the REDLiteDJ email list, you should be (all you gotta do is email me at, but here’s an explanation in case you missed what this EP is all about.  As many of you know, I decided to move out of my native state of Oklahoma recently, and I figured the best thing I could do when I left was to take a little bit of it with me when I left.  Anyone that’s spent a decent amount of time in Oklahoma knows that the best thing about Oklahoma is the people, so the best way I could come up with for taking those people with me was to do a series of recordings with some of the people who were close to me during my Oklahoma times.  So I got ahold of as many people as I could fit in, given the time allotted (if I didn’t get to you, my deepest apologies, there’s always next time I come through OK…), and had them come over to my house one at a time, and we just worked with sounds and improvised while the tape rolled, and what came out was over a hundred minutes of really amazing free-form improvisations on all different kinds of instruments.

Featured on the EP are Jim Burns on guitar, Allie Naifeh on prepared piano and toy piano, and Zach miller also on guitar, and I play various turntables and synthesizers throughout.  The project was a complete success, and I love all of the sounds we made during it, and I’m very happy to have this piece of my home state to take with me wherever I go, and to be able to share it with you all makes me even happier!  So feel free to check out this free EP, and if you like what you hear, I’ve got a CD release coming out this weekend that will have 10 more tracks from those same sessions on it, some featuring the same performers as the EP, some different.

So check out the EP, see what you think, let me know how it makes you feel, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.  I certainly enjoyed making it.

Oh!  Also, get excited for the next post on here, it’s gonna be the 200th…!


One thought on “THE MAIN CHARACTER

  1. Margaret says:

    What a beautiful sendoff, and what an amazing gift to your fans to immortalize some of the sounds you have created through deep connections to musical friends! Having unique, numbered covers is a special touch that sends the EP over the top. I feel SO privileged to have #1! Thanks for the EP and all it says about your deep connections here. I can’t wait for the LP!

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