As I mentioned in the most recent REDLite email update (hit me up at REDLiteDJ (at) gmail (dot) com to join!), I recently went through all my old posts on this blog and did some updating.  I used to not label all the embedded videos that I post, and then one day Reeve hit me up to let me know that one of the links I’d posted was dead, and suggested that I start labeling them.  So now I do that.  But there were a few months there where I wasn’t, so I spent a couple days recently going through all of those early posts and labeling every video and fixing every broken link I could, and I’ll encourage you all like I encouraged my email subscribers to peruse the back entries of the blog now, it’d be the perfect time for it!

The cool thing about doing that, and possibly the only thing that made me not give up on that tedious task 5 minutes into it, was that there’s a bunch of stuff I’d written about that I’d forgotten!  There were all kinds of songs and videos I’d forgotten existed, samples I’d uncovered or been shown that I didn’t remember, all kinds of stuff, so it was cool to revisit a lot of that old stuff and be reminded about some cool stuff that I once knew but lost track of.  Perhaps the coolest thing that happened was rediscovering this original song and finding a video of the Soul Train performance of it; this one had slipped my mind completely somehow.

Sylvia – Sweet Stuff

Normally, I wouldn’t take up a whole blog post just to rehash some stuff I’d already said, but I thought that in light of my new Drive Slow mixtape that contains a song that is very dear to my heart that uses this Sylvia Robinson track as its basis, and the fact that I didn’t originally post the Soul Train video the first go round, it was relevant enough to bring back out, and I thought maybe it’d motivate you to check out the archives yourself, maybe you’ll find a gem you lost track of too!  Here’s the original version of the track that uses “Sweet Stuff” so beautifully, you’ll have to get a copy of Drive Slow from me to hear the chopped & screwed version though.  Shout out to Amber for showing me this sample in the first place.

J Dilla – Crushin’

Dilla is a bit more explicit about the sexual overtones of this track, but Sylvia’s not holding back much either if you really listen.  Notice that the line I pulled for the title of this post is from the Sylvia version, even though when it’s written out it looks more like a rap lyric to me.

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  1. Oh my god this is so amazing. I don’t remember any of this happening at all! Hahahah I’m so glad you reposted this. Sylvia! Girl you are tootoo much and I love it. Thank you!!!

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