Traveling gives you a lot of time to think.  I’ve been thinkin’ about a lot of stuff, but one thing that’s been on my mind is the question Matt asked in his debut guest post exactly one month ago: What is  your favorite single word in a rap song ever?  I really like this question a lot, it makes me focus on really minute details of a rapper’s flow to determine a truly powerful single utterance of a word that is somehow extremely moving all by itself.  He got a lot of good comments on that post of people offering their favorites, and I’ve given it some thought and decided to throw in my own contribution to the discussion.  The word: “game” found 1 minute and 27 seconds into “The Game Belongs to Me” by UGK.  The line where my favorite word resides is a line Pimp C uses at the end of his first verse, and it’s just a rapped version of the hook of the song, but when he raps the line here, he puts extra emphasis on the word “game” and for some reason every time I listen to this song that moment gives me this rushing feeling in my chest just for a second, it’s incredibly powerful for being a single word, especially a word that’s repeated over and over in the song.

UGK – The Game Belongs to Me

There’s a cool video for that song too, but it’s edited and the silenced “bitch” right before he gets to that ultimate word really disrupts the flow and takes some power away from it, so I posted the video above for its uncensoredness.  I’m glad Matt made me ponder this question for a while, it’s been a fun thing to think about.  He’s assured me that he has some more posts in the works, and I hope he’s not bullshittin’ because his ideas are badass and it’s pretty difficult for me to get internet right now, as I’m sure some of you noticed by my recent silence.  Save me Matt!



  1. matt says:

    hey that’s a damn good answer!

  2. […] was happy to see that the other day Rick answered the question I posed with my first post. Yes, I’ve got some other ideas in the bag, but to be […]

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