Somehow Chicago went from the city that has the fastest rappers with the fewest pauses possible to being the city with the slowest rappers with the most pauses possible.

1991 – 1998:

Tung Twista – Hokus Pokus

Crucial Conflict – Showdown

Do or Die – Just Ballin’


Yale Lucciani – Hit Da Block

Chief Keef – 3Hunna

Lil’ Reese – Us

Let’s see, this DRIVE SLOW blog started in 2011… coincidence….?  I see you, Chicago.

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  1. Mike Allen says:

    Weird coincidence actually, but I saw today that Flying Lotus posted this on his Facebook. He directed this video, and Jeremiah Jae is from Chicago. His style seems to have elements of both past and present from what I’ve gathered in your post. Anyway, thought it’d be cool to share.

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      Hahah man that’s hilarious I just saw that video on flying lotus’s twitter today and I made a little post about it that I have scheduled to go up tomorrow. I totally agree with what you said about it though, i’m gonna try to find that dudes album an check it out, I think that song is pretty cool. Thanks for the heads up though haha!

  2. […] of you might remember my grossly oversimplified crash course in Chicago rap back when I was hangin’ out there a couple weeks ago, and I was in Ohio for the week that […]

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