Some of you might remember my grossly oversimplified crash course in Chicago rap back when I was hangin’ out there a couple weeks ago, and I was in Ohio for the week that followed that, and I meant to do some kind of similar thing about Ohio music, or at least mention that both Bootsy Collins (bassist for Parliament-Funkadelic and frontman of the amazing Rubber Band) and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (one of the very few artists that got to work with both Biggie and 2Pac while they were still alive) are natives to that great state, but I couldn’t get on the internet very reliably there and it never quite came about. That time has passed, and I find myself, as of last night, right in the heart of our nation’s capital (I can literally see the Capitol building from the roof of this apartment building I crashed at last night) staying with some good friends, one of whom has a really amazing record collection. We spent all of last eating these ridiculously awesome peanut butter cookies from his Cookie of the Month Club and going through his shelves upon shelves of beautiful music, and he showed me so much stuff I’d never heard before, including a couple tunes that weren’t written by D.C. natives, but use the city as its subject matter with some pretty diverse perspectives on it. I have a feeling this blog might turn into a boogie/funk/disco blog for a couple days while I’m here, I hope that’s cool with you guys.

Gil Scott-Heron – Washington, D.C.

Roy Ayers – D.C. City

As a bonus, some of you might recognize that Roy Ayers tune in this track which coincidentally mentions the Ohio Players, another band I should have written about last week. Ah well.

Quasimoto – Seasons Change

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