Remember when I found that Nas/Tyler the Creator interview and I was all crazy about famous people interviewing each other instead of being interviewed by journalist-types?  Well this is that idea but implemented in the most poorly thought out direction possible.  It is still VERY much worth watching though, I feel like it’s a pretty great microcosmic representation of just how diverse rap music is.  If you don’t know who these dudes are, you might wanna listen to a song from each of them before getting into the interview, because it really highlights the absurdity of putting these two dudes together in a forced conversation.

Childish Gambino – Heartbeat

Chief Keef – I Don’t Like

Ok, you ready for this?

Chief Keef x Childish Gambino – Back & Forth

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One thought on “I HEARD YOU LIKE BELTS

  1. […] the spirit of posts like these, here’s another great interview of an artist by another artist, rather than by an interviewer […]

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