Something told me I wasn’t going to be able to keep from talking about the South very long on here.  It’s funny, earlier tonight me and Simon were sitting on his front stoop eating some jalapeño pizza talking about our favorite producers right now, and when I mentioned Ray West (remember him from the previous post?), it reminded me of Supa Villain because while they don’t resemble each other much sonically, I find myself often feeling the same way listening to their productions.  My favorite tracks by both of them tend to have this empty, forlorn feeling about them that creates a refreshingly somber counterpoint for, often times, some pretty hard shit.  Even when both of these dudes make more dance-oriented tracks, they still have this spooky, dark, almost gloomy backdrop that I find really captivating.

Just minutes after discussing this with Simon, I stumbled across this track from Rich Boy and Supa Villain’s upcoming mixtape, “High Class & Country”, which unfortunately isn’t the best example of the mood I’m talking about, but a joint mixtape with these two is very exciting since it’s Supa Villain’s work with Rich Boy that got me interested in Supa Villain in the first place, so I’ve got some high hopes for this mixtape.

Here’s a better example of the mood that’s impressed me in the past and gives me hope for the release of “High Class & Country” despite the sorta unremarkable single.

Rich Boy – Hater Curse (feat. Supa Villain & Playboi Lo)

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