You all should probably watch this real soon, it’ll probably get taken off YouTube at some point because of all the nudity, but it’s actually a really interesting portrait of the young Jay-Z before he became the household name he is today.  This is the Jay-Z I fell in love with.  Includes cameos from Biggie and DJ Clue, Jay-Z’s first music video ever, some really great non-album verses, a LOT of blurred out logos, and a weird postmodern moment where the story being depicted in the first half of the movie is suddenly and blatantly abandoned, replaced by a voice-over-narrated history of Jay-Z’s career as of 1998.  It’s Jay-Z’s Moonwalker, or Hard Day’s Night Or maybe, more accurately, Jay-Z’s For My Foes.  Anyway, it’s a trip.

Jay-Z – Streets is Watching


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