Living in the bay area is giving me the perfect excuse to do all the deeper research into bay area rap that I’ve been meaning to do since I first heard In A Major Way.  I mean I’m sure you’ve seen the silly amount of Main Attrakionz posts over the past year or so, Spice 1 had his day, E-40 is definitely no stranger, and B-Legit made his first appearance just recently, but the music in this part of the country goes much deeper than the few artists I’ve had a chance to cover on here.  Today while on a very typical YouTube suggested videos trip (which might be a better way to find awesome rap music than listening to any rap blogger out there), I got a great opportunity to fully experience an artist whose name has floated at the periphery of many bay area rap discussions I’ve heard but has always been just out of reach from my ears.

Celly Cel – It’s Goin’ Down Tonight

The boat I live on is named after the town this dude is from.  Rap is becoming less and less remote all the time…

Something told me that the music in this beat had a little more history, but for some reason my ear couldn’t identify it.  Luckily, the internet is a little smarter than my ears sometimes.

Keith Sweat – How Deep Is Your Love

Maybe my ear is just more used to this version.

DJ Screw – How Deep Is Your Love (Keith Sweat)

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