Sometimes you get a flat tire right when a really good Rap Journey was about to start.  This is one of those times.

Supa Villain – Realest in the Game (feat. Mississippi Slim & Critic)

I knew within about 5 seconds of the beginning of this song that I’d heard that music sampled before someplace else.  I tried all my usual tricks to find out, but came up with nothing but dead ends.  I even tried to Shazam just the intro section to see if it would recognize it for me, but no luck there either.  I know it sounds a bit like the Ras Kass/GZA song “Verses” that samples Al Green’s “I Wish You Were Here“, but that’s not quite it.  If anybody can get me back on the road on this Journey, I’ll be very thankful.

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  1. rebmarebma says:

    Really? It sounds like mall Indian flute music to me. In a cool way? In a cool way. Also kinda looks like they got snow cone cups. Makes me wanna snow cone 🙂

  2. REDLiteDJ says:

    Aw I think it sounds cooler than mall flute… I just mean the melody/chord progression are almost the same as that gza/ras/green stuff. I get what you’re saying too I guess, I was thinking it might actually be a reggae thing with that guitar rhythm it’s got going. Who knows. Nice to see you commenting on here, it’s been a while.

  3. So I have no idea about that flutey soundin stuff but the other part sounds a whole, whole lot like this to me…

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      You’re right, that does sound real similar, but I still think it’s not quite it. If you listen close, that shuffling sound in the Cash song is some kind of percussion instrument, probably a washboard, but in the sampled song it’s definitely a guitar, you can hear discernible chords in the shuffling sound. There is a faint rhythm guitar in Walk the Line, but it’s not following that shuffling sound exactly. Thanks for giving it a shot though, there was a second where I thought a piece might have fallen into place!

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