We’ll finish this 4-day rant with the final installment of this little series covering the origins of the kinds of rappers that Minister Farrakhan, in his Q&A a few days ago, seems to think are models for socially conscious rap.

Big Daddy Kane is probably the weirdest name out of the three that he mentioned.  At least Public Enemy and KRS-One eventually grew into making consistently social/political-oriented music.  Like the previous two examples, Big Daddy Kane didn’t start out doing that kind of stuff, but he then later didn’t ever evolve into that kind of rapper either.  For the sake of consistency with the first two segments, here’s Kane’s first solo appearance on record which contains possibly no so-called “conscious” material.

Big Daddy Kane – Raw (feat. Kool G Rap)

At this point you can just do a search yourself for Big Daddy Kane songs and find numerous examples of him talking about all kinds of stuff including, but in no way limited to social justice.  But here’s a song called “Death Sentence” from an album called “Prince of Darkness” in case you don’t feel like doing the leg work.

Big Daddy Kane – Death Sentence

Thanks for stickin’ with me through this tirade, I feel better now.  We can talk about happier stuff next time, I promise.


2 thoughts on “RAW

  1. Mike Allen says:

    I really liked these posts, Rick! As I was reading them, I found myself asking the question “what really is the definition of conscious rap?”

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      Cool man, thanks. Yea I think that that distinction is really just a branding distinction more than anything, honestly, I’m really over having the whole “conscious rap” debate. I think it takes everyone’s focus away from all the nuance that rap has and just lumps shit into two big made up categories so people can argue about it and feel self-righteous. When I look at a painting, I don’t first decide if it’s a “conscious” painting before seeing how it moves me. If I watch some modern dance I’m not deciding first if it’s a “conscious” modern dance to inform my evaluation of it. It’s just art, you look at as many angles as you can and see if it resonates with you, that’s all it needs to be.

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