I’ve never gotten such a huge reward for such a halfassed post as I did on this one last week.  Tim turned me on to this song after I posted that quick little thing mentioning some new rappers with exclamation points in their names and my jaw has been permanently dropped ever since.

Plane Jane – Like Me (feat. Iamsu!)

I’m a big fan of any rap song where 2 rappers are having a really intricately intertwined back-and-forth like this, but usually even those are just between two dudes and don’t involve them being verbally eviscerated by each other, it’s rare for there to be such a thorough treatment on this concept between a dude and a lady, and the execution of this one is just top shelf.  I love that Iamsu! is willing to have himself so thoroughly behlittled during half of this song, I think that really shows a lot of humility on his part.  I don’t know of many dudes, rapper or otherwise, that would agree to be put in his position in this song, it’s really impressive.  Almost as impressive as either of their performances on here.  I really like how she calls him a nerd, I bet Iamsu! is kind of a nerd.

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