Let me start by saying that I feel the same way about this beat as Weezy.  And the raps are weird too.  But weather the storm with me, if you will, I think this song is actually pretty interesting.

Gucci Mane – I Think I Love Her (feat. Esther Dean)

I’ll challenge anybody to find me a Gucci Mane song where he lets somebody call him a sucka in it.  This one’s definitely a departure for ol’ Gucci.  I guess if Plane Jane and Iamsu! win newest, Jay and Foxy win oldest, and Trick Daddy and Trina win nastiest, then Gucci and Esther win… most bizarre?  Least listenable?  Clearly I’m gettin’ a little thin on this concept now y’all.  Help me out.

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  1. i’ve been racking my brain so hard on this series because i feel like it’s something i’m real into also. i’m coming up with nothing though and it’s killing me. i know this one isn’t so intertwined between the two rappers, but it is a pretty dope song where they go back and forth a bit.

    UGK – Cramping My Style (ft. Infinity)

    and since you mentioned oldest i just started thinking way back. not rap, but so good! is that against the rules?

    Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

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  4. When I originally read this series of posts, I couldn’t think of a single rap duet but my mind flooded full of country music songs. These are some of my faves. RIP George Jones, you will always be the greatest and truest country singer that ever lived in the eyes of my family.

  5. Okay I have not been able to stop with these… I love these too… oh burn!!!!

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