This is probably the least surprising one, which isn’t saying much because this album is definitely drawing on some very unusual sources, but it’s really nice to hear.  Any excuse to get a little Janet Jackson in my ears is a welcome one.

Janet Jackson – Anytime, Anyplace

Kendrick Lamar – Poetic Justice (feat. Drake)

This one is especially interesting given the title of the Kendrick song, since it shares its title with the 1993 film Janet starred alongside 2Pac where she had the same difficulty (and solution to it) that the two rappers in this modern-day version seem to have: communicating directly with the people they care about vs. composing poetry about it.  For all the dodging of 2Pac comparisons Kendrick has been doing lately, this is a nice little wink for those who’ve been giving a shit about rap for a while.

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One thought on “THE INGREDIENTS (PART 3)

  1. […] I think the relationship between these two songs is a nice microcosm of what Kendrick Lamar is: his roots, background, and inspiration are unquestionably in the street, but he adds a level of nuance and balance by subtly shifting turns of phrase (and also introducing a genuine interest in a female perspective), and then occasionally goes a little off track with it (the whole “turnin’ dyke” direction).  That part just feels a little too late in the game to make a joke, or at least that joke.  Don’t get me wrong, you can ask my girlfriend, my blog, or my iTunes play count if I like Kendrick Lamar a lot and the answer will be unanimously “yes”, but every now and then I remember that he also particularly turns me off sometimes.  Usually not though.  Usually he’s doing something cool like turning a C-Murder song into a relationship analysis or a Janet Jackson song into a complex reference to a Janet Jackson movie. […]

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