Ty$ & Joe Moses – The Weekend

Somebody’s been watchin’ Luke videos.

Luke – It’s Your Birthday

And listening to Wreckx-N-Effect.

Wreckx-N-Effect – Rump Shaker

(Who was listening to MC Lyte before that.)

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  1. REDLiteDJ says:

    oh, and pretty much everybody above was listening to this too:

    Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Darkest Light

    I think that Ty$ and Joe Moses beat is my favorite flip of that sample too, by the way, i like how it’s a little chopped up. Somethin about that extended last note just doesn’t sit right with me.

  2. oooo, so that’s where that’s from. jay-z’s been listening to that also. i like what ty$ and joe moses did with it wat more. plus there just need to be way more luke inspired videos than there are.

    Jay-Z- Show Me What You Got

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      Yeah I agree, “Show Me What You Got” was pretty disappointing to me as Jay-Z’s big comeback, that beat is just a mess. The choppy bounce DJ Mustard put on it is way more appealing to me.

  3. […] CTE label and some of his most recent work has been with LA’s flagship Ratchet artist YG (featured here recently), another dude who I never imagined I’d hear rapping alongside Freddie’s rapid-fire […]

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