Fans of this post will appreciate this recent update:

J Dilla – Anthem (feat. Frank-N-Dank)

I originally knew this song as “We F’d Up” from the lost Dilla MCA album (thanks again to Tim for hookin’ me up with that) with a beat by Kanye that was alright, but to me always stuck out a little bit from the rest of the production on the album, and honestly sounded like a recycled version of “Takeover” in a lot of ways (also produced by Kanye around the same time).  This new beat, which is actually an old beat crafted by Dilla himself, makes the track even more enjoyable and lively to me, I think it’s a welcome addition to the now heaping catalog of posthumous Dilla releases.

As a bonus, here’s a link to the B-Side of this version of “Anthem” Rappcats is putting out, also from the lost MCA album (now being referred to as The Diary?), and definitely the funniest Dilla song of all time.  If you need some extra motivation to click that link, just imagine Dilla in this scene and that’s pretty much what “Trucks” is like.

Gary Numan – Cars

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6 thoughts on “WE F’D UP

  1. dang! i always wondered what the deal was with that album. so glad to hear there are some plans in the works for a finished release! that new beat is weird though, i don’t not like it, i’m just sooo used to the “we f’d up” version now. i kind of like how hard it banged. i wonder what the rest of the album is going to end up like… what else is gonna change? it’s going to be hard for something to top that “no one knows” beat. for me at least. it’s just too perfect, makes me feel all nice.

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      I bet it’ll be mostly the same, the description of the process definitely leaned toward being faithful to the original. It’s possible that “We F’d Up” changed to “Anthem” just cause it cost too much to use the Kanye beat or something. They might also want people like you and me that have been listening to the bootleg for years to have some reason to pay some cash for the official release, so they throw in a surprise or too. But yea my guess is it’ll be the album we know but with “Anthem” instead of “We F’d Up” and maybe a couple bonus tracks. We’ll just have to wait and see though.

  2. Oh man I am a huge fan of that album artwork!!! It’s so simple but so awesome…

  3. Mike Allen says:

    I’m not sure what to make of this. I like it, but in a totally different way than the original. Rick, I’m willing to bet you are correct on why this can’t be released with the Kanye beat. My question is: why are the vocals pitched up from the other version? Sounds like a teenage Dilla or something. I like the new beat for sure, but I feel like it makes the chorus lack some weight. Feels lighter.

    Can’t wait for this release though, should be real niiiiiiiice!

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      oh i didn’t even notice the pitch difference… you’re right though it’s definitely higher. if you listen, that beat definitely a faster tempo than the kanye beat, so when they sped up his vocals to match the beat they must have just gone higher. damn that’s crazy i didn’t notice that at all. nice ears. i still like it though. still like the kanye version too. still REAL happy to see this release happening.

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