I’ve been listening to so much brand new rap lately that I haven’t had the opportunity to spot a sample in what feels like an eternity.  Not that there aren’t any samples in new rap, but when I was listening to more 90s rap and older funk and soul I was catchin’ em right and left without even trying, now I feel like that super-obvious and not-at-all-obscure K.R.I.T/Blake spotting I had a few months back is like the only mention of sampling this blog has had in forever.  So when this DâM-FunK tweet caught my eye today, I was happy for the opportunity to do some funk research again.  Felt like old times… here’s what I came up with just a few turns down the rabbit hole.

Cameo – Rigor Mortis

This is one of those that when you hear the first measure, you know you’re about to find out this song was used in about 20 songs you’ve heard before, which is correct.  But I was most surprised to hear just a few seconds in when that horn vamp starts because of this old (but newer than most songs that sample Cameo) favorite of mine.

Mondrehott – M.A.N. (feat. Squadda B)

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