I might be the first dude to talk about MJG as a technical rapper, but after hearing this solo track a while back and then this one with Ball, I feel like maybe he’s got a streak of it.

8Ball & MJG – So What U Sayin’?

In “Good Damn Man“, his inspiration comes from the signature kick drum part on that beat, keeping in perfect sync with surprising consistency.  Here, he brings that same dedication to a single rhythmic idea in a more subtle way by punctuating every two-bar phrase with a pair of two syllable statements each separated by a one beat pause (“Texas/check this”, “highway/why they”, etc.).  He develops and plays with the motive throughout the verses but never fully abandons it, which is what makes these verses especially remarkable.  Many rappers would keep up a concept like this for maybe 3 or 4 lines but he stays in it the whole time in both of his verses.  Most people think of rapping as fast or complex as possible when speaking of “technical” rapping, but I think both of these tracks show a really interesting way that rapping technique can also be normal paced and relatively simple while still being challenging for the writer and engaging to the listener.


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