The best thing about Rap Journeys is that they’re never really over.  Here’s a new addition to one from a year and a half ago.

Key Nyata – Nytxx Tymxx

I’m not sure why this video instructs you to be fucked up while watching, I can tell you with certainty that if you watch this entire video, start to finish, full screen, without doing anything else, you will feel fucked up by the end regardless of any substances you’ve consumed.  Art like this is some of the most interesting to me, where a clean, concise interpretation is just not possible, and it’s hard to know the intentions of anyone involved.  It has this brain-emptying effect that other art doesn’t have for me.  Is the music supposed to be creepy or relaxing?  Is this woman supposed to be sexy or unsettling?  Did anyone conceive in advance that a chopped and screwed “moments in love” chant would be happening during a glitching porn video and what that might mean?  When you have enough unanswerable questions happening at once, your brain just kind of shuts down and you just take in what’s happening on its own terms, and I think that’s what’s interesting about it to me.


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