I know this is kinda old but I’m still amazed by this song; not a lot a lot of rappers can bring this much bounce to a beat with so few drums.

Rich Boy – Play Day

Since a lot of people that I know and love don’t know and love rap like I do, I find myself hypothesizing ways that people misunderstand rap (because that’s obviously the only explanation of them not loving it like I do, they just don’t get it) and listening to this song made me come up with one possible misconception that I hear hinted at by lot from people.  I was talking to a friend the other day about rap and we both agreed that we’d never heard any other kind of music whose artists speak and sing with as much conviction as rappers do, and that conviction is extremely compelling to me no matter what the specific words are.  I think one misconception is that people mistake this conviction for anger, and just hear a lot of harshness and negativity.  There are unquestionably a great many angry, negative, harsh rap songs, but I think that many of them aren’t particularly but get construed that way by people who aren’t used to the kind of conviction that these artists speak with.  To me, I hear the same conviction in a civil rights leader or Baptist preacher, and even though I’m not the primary target audience for any of those speakers (including the rappers probably) and I may not be in full agreement with what all of these people have to say all the time, I am still moved and inspired by their conviction when I’m in its presence, and I think if people gained the ability to discern anger from conviction in rap there would be a lot more appreciators of it.



  1. rebmarebma says:

    “not a lot a lot of rappers can bring this much bounce to a beat with so few drums.”

    well put! that’s where it’s at man.

  2. Reeve says:

    Too much musical greatness in hip-hop for ignorant people to still overlook the whole genre. I’m of the persuasion that if you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s on you now… Picturing a deathbed confession: “shoulda got past all my ridic hangups and participated with my generations musical identity… *dies*”

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