I could never be a hip-hop producer.  My culture’s ideas about “originality” are far too strict and entrenched in my artistic life to allow myself to to do what Lil’ Lody did here.

Starlito & Don Trip – Life

It’s silly once I think about it, because when I actually analyze this song, there’s no reason to see anything but a well-crafted beat that inspired some very talented rappers to say some beautiful, real things.  It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.  If I’d started to make that beat though, there’s no way I could have gone through with it after listening to this track the amount that I have.

Nate Dogg – Nobody Does It Better (feat. Warren G)

I would have told myself, “Warren G has made this perfect, beautiful instrumental, what makes you think you have the right to go back and make another version?”  It’s a good thing Warren G didn’t think that way though, because this more obscure, upbeat New York interpolation actually predates the G-Funk classic by about 2 years.

A+ – A+Z (feat. AZ)

This is a good lesson for me in creativity and the limitations we self-impose.  All of these songs are actually very different from each other, and none could be said to be any more or less “original” than the others.  Just because the foundation of a piece of art is the same as another doesn’t mean its essence is.  I’m glad the imaginations of all these producers aren’t as uptight as mine, or we’d never have had as much musical progress as we’ve had.  Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad though, as long as we could still vibe to this, the “original” track that inspired them all.  But then again, who inspired Atlantic Starr…?

Atlantic Starr – Let’s Get Closer

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