One of the first things I loved about Future’s music were the moments of complete lyrical incomprehensibility scattered throughout his first couple mixtapes.

Future – Conceited (feat. Capo)

There’s something very refreshing to me when language drifts away from literal meaning and I find myself being moved in subtle ways by the way a certain syllable is inflected, truncated, augmented, or otherwise shaped by a vocalist’s imagination.  It beautifully illustrates one of the central realizations one must come to in order to appreciate rap: the literal semantic content of the lyrics is usually secondary in importance to the manner in which those words are spoken.  Future has become a relatively more comprehensible rapper since these early days (with no loss of beauty in my opinion), but I was pleasantly surprised to get a little taste of that old unintelligibility in the opening to his newest mixtape, in an updated form of course.

Future – Radical


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