Fat Trel – Truffle Butter (Freestyle)

Young Money needs to just start funneling all their hits through Fat Trel, he does way better than the artists with the “official versions”.  Remember his “Started From The Bottom“?

Maybe a more realistic idea would be for Trel to go full on ’07 Weezy and make a mixtape where he raps better than Young Money on all their own hits for a couple hours.  I mean how excellent would he sound on “Hookah“?  Or “Rich as Fuck“? Or “0 – 100”  — oh wait

Fat Trel – 0 – 100 / The Catch Up (Remix)

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2 thoughts on “THINKIN’ OUT LOUD

  1. rebmarebma says:

    That’s what I’m talkin about! No need to waste a good beat, go on & get it, Trel. ❤

  2. rebmarebma says:

    Loved this post! Just like we were talkin about!

    also dunno if you meant to leave it out – but there’s no link on Drake’s 1-100

    you prolly meant to do that.

    anyway sweet dreams handsome man.

    love you

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