My free moments this weekend were spent winning a very small amount of money on a $1 scratcher, eating some really overpriced chicken and waffles, and aurally digesting the insane fire hose blast of unreleased Rich Gang music that erupted from the depths of the rap Internet earlier this week.  First listens are unreliable, especially in my case, but I’m going to do my best to justly pass out a few important superlatives from the 100+ tracks in this collection to help y’all navigate the chaos.  I’m omitting from consideration the 30 or so tracks that were leaked or released before this last deluge so it’s only the newest new shit in here.

Best Duo Song: Love Her

Thug and Quan trade 4s like Ervin and Dolphy and triumphantly profess their love for each other in this joyful duo track.

Best Rich Homie Quan Solo: The Story Behind It

Quan rappin’ even better than he did on “Rappin’” with some serious bounce in the production.

Best Young Thug Solo: Guarantee (I Want It)

I’ve already changed my mind four times in this selection and I still might change my mind some more because there are so many great Thug solo tracks in this collection, but for now I’m putting my stamp on this one, it’s got some of the intensity of “Givenchy” but with unfortunately only about half as much rapping, but wins with the declaration “If you got AIDS, I want it!”

Best Feature: Runnin’ Out of Money

Thug really brought the best verse I’ve heard out of T.I. in a long time in this ode to determination .

Most Unique: Here

Late Gil Scott-Heron samples and expansive synthy dark emptiness coupled with Young Thug’s slippery style-switching make this sonically the most unusual track in the collection.

Best “Ruff” Track: Boy

The intensity on this track is really great, but this selection truly shines in its ability to unquestionably prove that it’s much more pleasant to listen to an unaccompanied beat than a Wiz Khalifa verse.

Funnest: Bitches

It’s hard not to at least chuckle when Thug starts his “bom bom bom bom bom nom nom nom” chant with the synth in the intro to this blatantly yet so playfully offensive track.

Most Excellent Birdman Rap: No No No

I can’t remember which one right now, but in a recent Stay Hatin’ episode there was a brief debate on whether or not Birdman is a good rapper.  It’s much less debatable that Birdman at least used to be a good rapper, but for the question at hand I offer this and the next selection as evidence.

Most Embarrassing Birdman Rap: Count Up


Most Heartfelt: Yesterday

Although Quan is a little under-represented in my selections (because his solo songs in this collection just aren’t as strong as Thug’s on the whole), he’s always had a little more warmth than Thug so it’s no surprise he comes out on top in this all-too-often neglected category of rap songs.

Sexiest: Lil’ Nigga (They Know It)

This was a strong contender for best duo but I really wanted to include “Love Her“, so it got relegated to this arguably more prestigious category.

Stay tuned for inevitable corrections and additions.

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  1. […] track would be presiding over its own category of “Most Epic” in the Rich Gang: Unreleased Awards (if not supplanting “The Story Behind It” for best Quan solo) if it hadn’t leaked […]

  2. SE says:

    I like Rich Gang as much as the next guy, but that cache of material is overwhelming. Appreciate the bullet points version.

  3. […] first, “Want It Like This” has some slight “The Story Behind It” flavor in the production but then the mandolins come in and Jay starts swerving all over the […]

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