I know it came out a month ago, but I don’t hear anybody else talking about it so I’ll go ahead and say it I think the new Bloody Jay is pretty good!

Bloody Jay – Want It Like This

At first, “Want It Like This” has some slight “The Story Behind It” flavor in the production but then the mandolins come in and Jay starts swerving all over the beat like he’s steering with his knees and you realize you haven’t heard a song that quite sounds like this before and it’s damn refreshing!  It’s not the only track worth your eartime tho, the tape opens with “We Bros“, a blithe tribute to friendship during hard times, “Pain” mourns the tribulations of hood life over ponderous piano loops and shimmering organ swells, Jay ecstatically transforms a pretty middling, low-fi beat into a genuinely fun, bounce-educing party track on “Flossin’“, even the weird Brodinski techno song has a strange charm that makes me not disappointed with it as a closer.

Sonically, The Dark Night doesn’t quite fit in with the Barter VI/56 Nights/Solace trend I hypothesized about earlier this month, it’s too eclectic and playful to fit into that mix, but conceptually it still exhibits many of the important components of that trend: its brevity, its indifference to mainstream/radio tastes, and its bold individuality that never gives way to self indulgence all make this tape very much worth listening to.  Jay does a great job of balancing his weirdness, emotions, and jokester tendencies on this project so you always find yourself grinning at his unusual creative choices, not rolling your eyes.



  1. SE says:

    Good to hear Young Thug’s influence finding roots. Definitely some potential here. Ya boy is a visual creature, however, and that cover art is yucky and gross 😦

  2. […] the not-so-distant past right now – while time travelin’ through his back catalog after The Dark Night surprised me so pleasantly I found out he’s not only has his own entry in the “Blood, Sweat, Tears” rap […]

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