Years & Years – Memo

When those government people finally decided that the gays could file their taxes together in this great country I wanted to post a song to celebrate but then I remembered that rap is still mostly on the wrong side of that particular issue.  IM GAY is a little obvious (and he’s isn’t), Zebra Katz and Le1f and Big Freedia are kinda fun I guess but don’t really express what I’m feeling about all this, and just posting some vaguely/accidentally homoerotic rap song seems a bit juvenile for this momentous occasion.

Instead I’ll post this because it’s about uncertainty and secret love and I’m happy that every child born after today in America won’t have to know a world where you can’t marry the person you love just because you have matching genitalia.  Hopefully this decision will help “lift this curse” that’s hung over too many lives for too long.

[Shouts out to David Drake for turning me onto this because I never would have listened to these people if a rap journalist hadn’t recommended it.]


One thought on “YES HOMO!

  1. rebmarebmac says:

    Amen! Beautiful post. <3.

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