Man I always thought there was something fishy about that whole Noisey Atlanta series.  I watched every episode as they came out hoping to gain some insight into the creative process and context of some of my favorite artists, but I was usually just cringing at the poorly researched questions and superficial treatment of everything and everyone, but I thought that’s all it was!  Just some corny, half-assed attempt at reporting so some white dudes to look cool by hanging out with rappers for a day.  Little did I know just how fake it was.

Migos on Highly Questionable

This is bigger news than Drake’s ghostwriting.  Scripted?  Have you listened to Migos?  You think they need a script to do entertaining shit?  The answer is, of course, no.  They don’t need a script to be interesting or entertaining or captivating or anything else worthwhile, they need a script to fulfill all the shallow stereotypes that Noisey wants to perpetuate about rappers, and more importantly they need a script so Noisey can make itself seem super cool and edgy when they’re briefly associated with the rappers they’re deliberately misinforming us about.  It’s not enough to show the closet that gave birth to “Versace“, the viewers are supposed to tremble in their cardigans imagining themselves as the skinny white kid with glasses around all these unpredictable thugs waving assault weapons in their kitchen.  It’s sad that this is what passes for in-depth rap journalism.  Maybe I’m just naive for assuming that Noisey was something more than low-grade reality Internet TV.  I won’t be next time.



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