Is it just me or is the best song on Dirty Sprite 2 the one about 56 Nights?

Future – Kno the Meaning

I’ll admit, DS2 is sprinkled with many of Future’s greatest one-liners (such as “she’s a ho and a slut and a metaphor“) and the production is pretty crazy and I actually like every song on it, but it can’t touch its antecedent mixtape, and the fact that my ears (and feelings) perked up immediately when “Kno the Meaning” started, even before I knew what it was about, only reinforces my evaluation.

The puzzling thing about this song is the “everything I did, it was premeditated” line when the whole point of the song is explaining how 56 Nights happened because of events completely out of his control.  In fact, if I understand the explanation correctly, two of the three mixtapes that catapulted him to the top spot in street rap were made very spontaneously without  time to prepare and plan every move like he’d been doing in the past, most notably on Honest.  Without Beast Mode and 56 Nights, Future would not have just pushed past Taylor Swift to grab his first #1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 with an album that’s not even as good as his first two, right?  Future, have you learned nothing from Esco’s time behind bars?  Your best music is your least-premeditated music!

UNLESS… the real real meaning of 56 Nights is that Future planned Esco’s arrest and detainment from the beginning to free himself from being haunted by his past two years of music; to create an environment for himself that would force him to push himself in ways that he couldn’t when his precious hard drive was so near at hand.  Is that what the weird confessional scene in the video is all about?  Is he apologizing to Esco for letting him wallow in despair in the custody of the United Arab Emirates for nearly two months?  Forget 10 Day, that’s fucking dedication to an album concept for you.  Congrats, Nayvadius.



  1. SE says:

    This is probably my fav song on DS2 too. The little confessional in the interlude is so dope, very singer/songwriter-y.

    I was resistant to DS2 in reaction to all the Future hyperbole going around, but I think it might be my favorite of his studio albums. He’s really creating an impressive body of work. Each album is its own distinct unit.

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      Maybe I’m just not sure how to approach it since it’s so mixtapey. Maybe that’s what’s cool about it? Maybe that distinction shouldn’t be so important in my mind (album vs mitape), it might be getting in the way of me just appreciating music when it happens. Maybe it’ll grow on me, pluto and honest both did.

      All maybes aside, I still love it, I just don’t know if any of the songs on there will touch me as deeply as “Turn On The Lights”, “Truth Gonna Hurt You”, “I Be U”, “T-Shirt”, or “Benz Friendz” have.

  2. […] time I watched a rap video that started with a Catholic confessional scene we got some major revelations on mixtape titles and incarceration back […]

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