These Baltimore kids are really digging into the Gorageur deep cuts in 2015.

Black Zheep DZ – Order Up

Juego the Ninety – D’Juego

It might sound like these two were sampled from the same original source but Jujuan Allen (on “Order Up“) is pulling from Le Bracelet while Killer Bee (on “D’Juego“) chose the slightly spacier Ten Et Tiwa for his source, both of course from René Laloux’s super excellent 1973 cut-out stop motion sci-fi flick “La Planète Sauvage“.  You might recognize these samples from places like that weird Flying Lotus/Krayzie Bone collab from last year, a couple Mac Miller-related tracks before that, or in The Underachievers’ “Chrysalis“, but I think Zheep and Juego did way better on their versions than any of those dudes.  The only real competition for best rap over a Gorageur flip would be “Come On Feet” , especially with its appropriately surreal video treatment.

Quasimoto – Come On Feet

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