If I didn’t know better, I’d think rappers I listen to actually read this blog!  Last May you could catch me lamenting the new directions of the Boosie sound since he re-emerged from prison no longer “Lil'”, but somewhat unconvincingly “Badazz”.  Fresh off of reading Diary of a Madman I was drawing mad parallels between his and Scarface’s careers when they were first given big label time and money to produce a project, resulting in very polished but emotionally lackluster final products.

Today Boosie gave me an easy way to kick off my New Years Resolution to keep active on this writing shit with the aptly titled In My Feelings.  It’s like he put together a perfect 10-song response to every element in that previous post.  Every ounce of emotion and urgency that I missed on Touch Down 2 Cause Hell has been delivered tenfold on this newest offering.  This is the kind of Boosie that you can sit down and listen to with your eyebrows up and your mouth agape trying to keep the tears from falling.  For maximum cherry-on-topness in relating to my critique, he even rocks an ill Scarface cadence on the “Warning Signs” chorus.  Spooky!

Boosie Badazz – Warning Signs

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