The comments section on this RAP MUSIC HYSTERIA post got me reminiscing hard on unsung Houston rap hero Mr. 3-2.  I was just discussing how a great music video can really solidify the love you already have for a great song, and “Comin’ Down“, the only solo 3-2 video I’m aware of, is a great example of this.  Among other things it unquestionably wins the award for best bluescreen driving scenes, with many shots of the world passing by perpendicular to the direction cars actually travel, and one confusing meta-shot where the current 3-2 shot is passed by a future 3-2 shot in the background.  Wild stuff.

3-2 – Comin’ Down

I actually paid $20 for a used copy of this CD when I fell in love with this video and discovered that no one was interested in hosting a pirated copy on the Internet (at least at that time, circa 2008).  It’s surprising that 3-2 is not more of a household name, Wicked Buddah Baby is one of the most consistent, cohesive albums to come out of Houston.  Every beat is great, every feature is appropriate and not annoying, 3-2’s style is fully established but not tiresome, it’s really a fantastic listen and a very likable rap album all around.  His career didn’t last very long and he didn’t get a lot of features on big name projects after his debut, but that album definitely deserves its place as a Southern rap classic.  Maybe 3-2 doesn’t mind this lack of recognition though, as this recent(ish?) Youtube title suggests:

Mr. 3-2 – Nothing To Prove

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  1. rebmarebma says:

    Hands down, my favorite dude of all time. (Sorry Krit, Future, & Thugger)

  2. SE says:

    These are good. Definitely gonna look into some of his solo stuff.

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