And I thought I was slick catching Bootsy’s raucous bass explosion at the beginning of “Royalty” – the homie and DRIVE SLOW contributor mattisonherenow just pointed out to me that hometown heroes The Flaming Lips once provided the source material for a small snippet of Jay-Z history!  I promise this is the only time I’ll ever ask you to listen to a Flaming Lips song here.

The Flaming Lips – She Don’t Use Jelly

Luckily you only need the first 0:05 of the video to catch it, it’s the opening intonation of this nearly insufferable song.  Upon reflection it makes some sense that Kanye would be aware of fellow egomaniac Wayne Coyne’s early musical efforts (rock and roll fans out there confirm my suspicion – Wayne Coyne is the Kanye West of his genre, no?), at least to the level where he could grab that goofy guitar swoosh from the track above to punctuate every 4th bar of the “Izzo” beat; a song which unfortunately has been not-so-mysteriously wiped from every corner of the Internet.  Hopefully your Blueprint CD isn’t too scratched so you can pop it in your Discman and hear this new perspective on Jay’s “Izzo“; I would feel terrible asking you to listen to 90s Oklahoma alt-rock and join Tizzidal in the same post.

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One thought on “L TO THA IZZIPS

  1. SE says:

    This is nuts!

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