This one’s for that very small intersection of rap nerds and music composition/theory nerds out there – I know I’m not the only one!  Remember that weird ternary-form RiFF RAFF song from 2014?  Here’s an even stranger Nipsey Hussle & Buddy song that’s straight simple binary form.  “A” section, “B” section, end.  Sounds like they just took an unfinished Nipsey track and stuck a totally hopeless Buddy song on at the end.

Nipsey Hussle – Status Symbol 2 (feat. Buddy)

This one actually sounds better than its predecessor through the verse, but the abrupt ending kinda kills the vibe.  And what’s the deal with Buddy?  I thought “Awesome Awesome” was a fun song, was that just Pharrell’s doing or is there something cool about Buddy himself?  I’ve yet to see any evidence of this but I keep looking…

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