Flocka transformed into something I couldn’t possibly enjoy so quickly and completely that I never expected to hear anything from him I could remotely relate to ever again.  Even if you told me it was possible, I certainly wouldn’t expect it to be on some weird lo-fi Kanye remix doing some #realhiphop type shit but here you go:

Waka Flocka – Real Friends (Flockmix)



  1. MWB says:

    Just stumbled upon this after reading your end of year list, thanks for posting this otherwise I never would have heard it. Wow, I was a big Waka Flocka fan back in the 2009-10 era and wasn’t ever expecting to hear something new from him that I’d be excited about in 2017 but I can’t believe how hard this track hit me and how deep/introspective the lyrics are, you can really feel his pain when he says about that he wishes Dunk was here to be standing next to him on these big stages in other countries that he never thought he’d see. It definitely gives me a new perspective on him as an artist, while I wasn’t really into his EDM stuff he shifted into, it seems like hes’ enjoying himself and doing what he wants so who am I to question him? It’s interesting too because he seems to have a lot of new perspective on life after turning 30, getting married, losing many people close to him, seeing the world, etc. Such a genuine and honest couple of verses, I have to give him a lot of credit. I love the ‘Real Friends’ beat and it was probably the only Kanye song I’ve ever liked, it’s perfect for a reflective/introspective song like this, I wish more guys did their own remixes over it.

    • REDLiteDJ says:

      Agreed. Flocka’s transformation was so fast and so complete that I think even many of his early die-hard fans have completely forgotten he existed. It’ll be interesting to see how his career progresses and if we’ll get a Flocka 3.0 that’s even more baffling than his first switch.

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