Once again Tree resurrects this series after another long break!

This is not my favorite song on the new I.B.TREE tape, but it might have my favorite chorus all year.  Other rappers would sound like they were auditioning for the audiobook of The Hood Phrase Book if they tried to rap this chorus – “My bitches is perfect / My niggas is awesome / My mama’s amazing” but Tree can make you feel the depth and profundity of these sentiments in ways no one else could. Glad this refrain had no rhymes in it so I’d have an excuse to write about it here.

Tree – All Dat

This whole tape is such a breath of fresh air after having only the somewhat hit-and-miss #Treestyles to get us through 2015 (at DRIVE SLOW we just pretend Trap Genius didn’t happen).  I’ve heard haters griping that they’re disappointed by the project because Tree did not rap and produce the whole tape.  It’s unclear if this complaint is driven by some kind of rigid purism they imagine must be in place for good music, or if there are people out there that think Tree sounds bad over other people’s beats, but either way I totally disagree and think the pairing is quite complimentary and brings out some of the greatest Tree moments we’ve seen in years.  The mumbling, crossing-the-bar complexity of “Heard Nothing“, the mounting emotional intensity in the verses of “Kinfolk“, and the compelling storytelling of “Couple Nights” are right up there with the strongest points of Sunday School I & II or The MCTREEG EP.  I mean people do realize that half of Sunday School II was produced by other people, right?

Check out the whole project here, and take a moment to relish the unrhymed beauty of the opening track before falling in love with the rest.



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