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After being introduced to Quan’s incredible ode to his father after he was shot multiple times last September, I’ve been trying to keep a mental list of rap songs dedicated to fathers; a remarkably more difficult task than spotting the more plentiful mother-oriented rap song. This song knocked me on my ass when I was doing the dishes yesterday, and rival’s Quan’s in its staggering emotional power.

Pimp C – I Miss U (feat. Tanya Herron & Z-Ro)

So far it seems like the only way to get rappers to talk about their dads in a positive light is after a tragedy (remember Wayne on “Everything“?), but if Quan, Pimp C, Z-Ro, and Wayne’s stories didn’t provide you with enough remorse for one sitting, follow this storyline from the video for the original sample.

Aaron Hall – I Miss You

And here’s a little bonus Lil’ B in the spirit of the most recent RAP JOURNEY.

Lil’ B – Never Going Back

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