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Man it’s crazy, this is the second post in a row where I stumbled across something new that relates directly to something I just wrote about on here.  First, it was finding out about The Roots and John Legend remaking the Donny Hathaway song I first wrote about back in Rap Journey #6, and then I just now watched this new MED video where the outro is taken directly from this Baby Huey song I just wrote about a couple days ago!  It feels like when you learn a new word, and then all of a sudden you see it all over the place, except with music…

M.E.D. – War & Love (feat. Oh No)

I must be in some kinda crazy alignment with some shit right now or somethin’.  It’s starting to freak me out a little bit.

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I judge records by their covers all the time.  When I saw this one, there’s no way I couldn’t check it out.

Baby Huey – Hard Times

Little did I know I’d find the source for a track from one of my favorite Ghostface albums, Supreme Clientele.

Ghostface Killah – Buck 50 (feat. Method Man, Redman, & Cappadonna)

I really love the formless determination of this track.  That horn loop just hits so hard over and over again, I feel like I can accomplish anything while I’m listening to that shit.  There’s also no chorus in the whole thing, and the closest thing to a hook is the little “there’s no love to be found…” sample that pops in every now and then between the totally irregularly-lengthed verses, and different dudes keep popping in to talk for a little bit.  Method Man starts sounding like he’s trying to make a chorus happen for a second around 2:30, but it just kinda fades out into another Ghostface verse and continues.  I’ve always loved that track, and it’s cool to know where that sweet loop came from.  Good thing that Baby Huey cover is so amazing.

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