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Man it’s crazy, this is the second post in a row where I stumbled across something new that relates directly to something I just wrote about on here.  First, it was finding out about The Roots and John Legend remaking the Donny Hathaway song I first wrote about back in Rap Journey #6, and then I just now watched this new MED video where the outro is taken directly from this Baby Huey song I just wrote about a couple days ago!  It feels like when you learn a new word, and then all of a sudden you see it all over the place, except with music…

M.E.D. – War & Love (feat. Oh No)

I must be in some kinda crazy alignment with some shit right now or somethin’.  It’s starting to freak me out a little bit.

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Some Journeys aren’t over when you think they are.

I spent quite a while back on Rap Journey #6 tracking down the sample that I’d heard on several very different rap songs over the years, and I put quite a few different versions on there, and I thought I’d wrapped up my connections with the Donny Hathaway song I eventually tracked it down to.  But then, when Mike Allen reminded me of this John Legend/Roots album that came out a little over a year ago in the comments to this post, I stumbled across this track.

John Legend & The Roots – Little Ghetto Boy

Trent’s been bugging me to get that album for months now, and I’ve meant to but I just kept forgetting over and over again.  I’m glad I finally got the little push at the right time that I needed to just get it, because it looks like it’s gonna be pretty awesome.  Thanks guys!

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So after I saw the video for that “Strugglin” song by Rich Boy (in case you missed that one, just check out this post, it was one of the first posts I put up) I decided to look a little deeper into his work.  It seemed to me like he didn’t just get lucky on that one, I had a good feeling he had more shit I was gonna want to hear.  Turns out he does.  I was vibin’ to this track on my way to pick up Matt to get some tacos and recognized the sample in the background from something I’d heard before… maybe a Ghostface song or something?

Rich Boy – Ghetto Boy

I ended up being pretty much right, it was a song from Wu-Tang Forever  with almost the exact same title, but a very different feel, in my opinion.

Wu-Tang Clan – Little Ghetto Boys

I still felt like there was more to be uncovered on this journey though, it seemed like I’d heard that sample someplace else too, in a third (totally separate) context… y’all are probably way ahead of me already.

Dr. Dre – Lil’ Ghetto Boy

Yeahh, can’t forget that one.  Here’s where I start getting sidetracked though.  I was re-listening to this track after I figured out its significance in this journey, and a line from the Dre verse stuck out to me, it comes just a little before the 2:00 mark.  I DEFINITELY know where that gets used.

The Notorious B.I.G. – Things Done Changed

OK now hold up hold up a second, I kinda left you all hangin on that Ghetto Boy stuff though.  We chased that sample through east coast, west coast, AND southern rap spanning a couple decades almost; but where’s the SOURCE??  Behold.

Donny Hathaway – Little Ghetto Boy

Yes.  Mission complete.  Yeah, I know a lot of this stuff isn’t crazy underground or obscure  or anything, but hopefully even seasoned rap fans were unaware of at least one of these steps.  Or at least enjoyed being reminded of them.  I know I had fun.

That’s a rap journey, y’all.  Dig

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