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Fat Trel – Truffle Butter (Freestyle)

Young Money needs to just start funneling all their hits through Fat Trel, he does way better than the artists with the “official versions”.  Remember his “Started From The Bottom“?

Maybe a more realistic idea would be for Trel to go full on ’07 Weezy and make a mixtape where he raps better than Young Money on all their own hits for a couple hours.  I mean how excellent would he sound on “Hookah“?  Or “Rich as Fuck“? Or “0 – 100”  — oh wait

Fat Trel – 0 – 100 / The Catch Up (Remix)

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Today might be the official beginning of Wayne sounding like an old rapper.  Just like when Jay-Z released his first post-retirement single sounding more than a little rusty, or his grumpy old man-sounding “D.O.A.” from Blueprint 3, or maybe most appropriately when he tried to sound like every young, new pop rapper in “Tom Ford“, there are those moments where it’s hard not to feel like a rapper has lost touch with him/herself but is still trying to stay relevant in the industry by putting out “new-sounding” material.  Wayne’s is even more interesting than Jay’s though, because the rapper he’s emulating on his newest single got his start imitating Wayne (by his own admission even).  Just watch this progression:


Lil’ Wayne – Wasted


Young Thug – We Are


Young Thug – Danny Glover


Lil’ Wayne – Grindin’ (feat. Drake)

I’ll always love Wayne – I’ll always love Jay too – but let’s be real.  If you really listen to what’s coming out of their mouths recently, there’s really no other way to describe it but old.

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Fat Trel – Started From Da Bottom (Freestyle)

Or you could listen to Drake, I guess.

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This is probably the least surprising one, which isn’t saying much because this album is definitely drawing on some very unusual sources, but it’s really nice to hear.  Any excuse to get a little Janet Jackson in my ears is a welcome one.

Janet Jackson – Anytime, Anyplace

Kendrick Lamar – Poetic Justice (feat. Drake)

This one is especially interesting given the title of the Kendrick song, since it shares its title with the 1993 film Janet starred alongside 2Pac where she had the same difficulty (and solution to it) that the two rappers in this modern-day version seem to have: communicating directly with the people they care about vs. composing poetry about it.  For all the dodging of 2Pac comparisons Kendrick has been doing lately, this is a nice little wink for those who’ve been giving a shit about rap for a while.

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