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Flatbush ZOMBiES – Redeye to Paris

Alice Coltrane – Wisdom Eye

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Clockwork Indigo – Butterfly Effect (feat. Espa)

When I first head this song I was sure the sample was from the closing credits of some forgotten 70s TV drama, it has a kind of somber-version-of-the-original-Star-Trek-theme thing going on.  I was surprised to discover that it actually comes from a British indie rock song from the mid-2000s.

Doves – Snowden

No, not that Snowden.  In my defense, Jez Williams of Doves does admit to striving for “a Marvin Gaye opera kind of sound” on “Snowden“, which isn’t too far off from my original suspicion.  Still pretty surprising though.  I just hope that the bands’ attitude toward sampling laid out in that same interview goes both directions:

Jez: The thing about samples is we just see it as another instrument these days. It’s pretty backwards, now that I start thinking about it. We built a song around the sample, but it’s the same as using chords, you just don’t have to pick it up. You just hit the keyboard and it plays it. It’s still a set of chords, they’re someone else’s, but we got a completely different song out of that.

Pitchfork: It’s totally different. You’ve recontextualized it.

Jez: Right. A lot of people have a problem with that, but I don’t see it.

Here’s a little bonus for those of you listening closely.

Carl Sagan Talks Marijuana

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I know weird rap is not a new thing, but the internet is making it way more possible for all the serious weirdos making rap videos out there to reach a broad audience.  It’s interesting because in a lot of ways, mainstream rap has moved more and more towards the opposite extreme of being ultra marketable to the point of some new videos looking more like commercials than music videos, but on the other hand the underground is moving farther and farther into the opposite extreme to ultra niche appeal territory.  It’s cool to watch, I’m enjoying both extremes pretty equally to be real honest.

Here are a few of those slightly more bizarre videos that I’ve stumbled across lately.  This first one I just saw for the first time today, and inspired me to put this post together.  Get ready to get weird.

Zebra Katz – Ima Read (feat. Njena Reddd Foxxx)

Flatbush Zombies – Thug Waffle

Kool Keith – The Game is Free (feat. Megabone)

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