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This one really came out of left field, and it’s all thanks to my good buddy Mike Allen.  Thanks dude.

So my friend (and MVP commenter on this blog) Tim hooked me up with a bootleg of this J Dilla album called Pay Jay that was supposed to happen years ago but got caught up in some record label bullshit and never got released.  It was a very interesting departure for Dilla, who was mostly known (and still is mostly known) as a producer primarily, but on this album he wanted to get beats from all of his favorite producers and make an album where he just rapped and that’s it, to really show off his skills (which he has plenty of).  So the album is 11 tracks, all non-Dilla produced, with him laying down some of his most solid lyrical material I’ve ever heard him do.  If you need to get your hands on a copy, hit me up and I’ll get it to you somehow, it really is something to behold.

Anyway, I passed the album along to old Mike a little while ago, and then he hit me with this email today that pointed out that the song “Drive Me Wild” from that Dilla album bears a striking resemblance to this Foo Fighters song he knows that is also is also called “Drive Me Wild”.

J Dilla – Drive Me Wild

Seemed like it couldn’t be a coincidence, so  I checked out the Foo Fighters song, and it’s wayyyyy too similar for it not to be a purposeful connection.

Foo Fighers – Drive Me Wild

But I figured it was a little far-fetched that Dilla would so boldly reference somebody like the Foo Fighters (although I wouldn’t put it past him, judging by some of the shit he’s pulled from before), so I dug around a little bit and tracked down this song, which is actually pretty cool, I think, and definitely the inspiration for both the Foo Fighters song and the J Dilla song.

Vanity 6 – Drive Me Wild

Thanks again, Mike, for pointing this out to me, I probably would have never tracked down any of this without you.

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