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I love how shit like this works out sometimes.

So if you’ve been keepin up, I just finished a series of posts chronicling my discovery of a bunch of old music by Gonjasufi (known as Sumach back then), so I was feeling really caught up on all of his music and I felt like I had a much deeper understanding of his whole aesthetic and where he was coming from and stuff.  It was a good feeling.  But then something awesome happened:  just today I found out that he came out with a new song, and he’s gonna be putting out a free EP in a few days!  What better way to lead up to listening to this brand new shit than to totally revisit his ENTIRE back catalog, right??  This is such an awesome coincidence, I’m really happy how this worked out.  In case you missed those older posts, here are some links:  Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

And here’s the new song!  The EP comes out October 24th

Gonjasufi – Eatfish (feat. Blu)

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Part 1     Part 2

So I finally listened to those last two albums, which turned out to be much shorter than the first two, and actually seemed to be less like the Gonjasufi stuff that came out a couple years after them than the older stuff did, which is kind of interesting.  I guess he sorta pushed in a different direction for a bit before kinda settling back into an updated version of his older style.  Coll with me.  It’s all really cool.

I wish I’d looked into how available his music was to stream on the internet before I started this series, because I probably could have saved myself a lot of trouble of listening to these albums and making all those mental notes of which particular songs I wanted to share with you all (especially since a majority of them are called “untitled”) because there is basically just one dude that has posted up any of this Sumach stuff, and he just does a “part 1″/”part 2” preview video for each album, and I could have just posted that up for each one and been done with it.  But it motivated me to get a little deeper into these albums myself, and I’d recommend you all do the same because this really is some far out shit.  I dig it.  So here are some samples of those last two albums: Flamingo Gimpp and Jungl Bulit.  I hope you all have enjoyed this adventure as much as I have.  Also, here’s a link to a page that has download links for all these old Sumach albums.  Collect ’em all!

Sumach – Flamingo Gimpp (parts 1 & 2)

Sumach – Jungl Bulit (parts 1 & 2)

Oh, and still no word on Randy Johnson.  If I figure out what the deal with that is, then there will be a Part 4, I guess.

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So I’m sure you all remember my startling discovery that Gonjasufi, who up until a week ago I thought only had one album out, actually has 4 albums under the name “Sumach” that predate his “debut” album A Sufi And A Killer.  I’ve been checkin these albums out over the past week or so, and usually I like to take longer than that to get a good feel for stuff, but I figured I didn’t wanna keep y’all hangin too long, so I’ll go ahead and post up a couple of tracks that I’ve found particularly moving.  I’m just gonna do the first 2 albums here, and then I’ll come back with a Part 3 with the other 2.

The first album, called Dead Midget On Stilts (Crutches) is pretty fuckin gritty.  I’m not sure who’s doing production on it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sumach himself was taking care of that duty, especially because there are a fair amount of instrumental tracks on the album.  It’s really cool though, I totally dig it.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to upload MP3s to this shit, so here are the only 2 streamable clips I found on the internet from this album. They give a pretty good impression.

Sumach – Dead Midget on Stilts (parts 1 & 2)

The next one’s called Garlikillz and I think it sounds pretty different from that first one.  The sound has more clarity in general I think, and you get some kinda faster tempo, higher energy songs than are on that first album.  I’m afraid I’m stuck in the same predicament as before on this one, there’s almost no examples of this stuff on the internet, but here are the ones I could find.  They’re real good.

Sumach – Garlikillz (parts 1 & 2)

Stay tuned for Part 3, I still haven’t even started listening to those other two albums yet, so I’m not sure what to expect.  I’m really enjoying seeing the Gonjasufi style I’m familiar with emerge out of this hazy abyss of Sumach albums though.  I hope you all are diggin it too.  Seeya soon!

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Today at work Matt was playing some Flying Lotus, and the track “Testament” came on, one of the few tracks on the album with vocals, in this case done by this dude named Gonjasufi.  I love that song, and it reminded me of the lone Gonjasufi album that came out a little while later called A Sufi And A Killer which I also really love.  Me and Matt talked for a little bit about him, and how we wish he had more music because he’s so cool, but he’s just got that one album so far.  So I was thinking about all that and I was going to post up a song or a video or something of his in case y’all needed a reminder that this dude is really cool.

In the process, I learned something very surprising.  Turns out his real name is Sumach Ecks (yeah, Ecks! Isn’t that crazy, Amber?) and he’s put out not one but FOUR albums under the name Sumach that I was completely unaware of.  Another site said he also goes by Randy Johnson, but I wasn’t able to track down any recordings to back up that claim.  I was able to get my hands on all those Sumach albums though, so I’ll be sifting through those over the next few days and hopefully I can post a couple of my favorites to you all so you can be part of this little exploration I’m on.  Exciting!

I will go ahead and follow through on my original intention of posting up a few videos from A Sufi And A Killer though.  Seems like he didn’t go to the trouble to get any official videos made (except for a couple little snippet preview video kinda things) but I was able to uncover a few pretty cool fan-made videos that are about as diverse in style as the music that goes with em.  Hope you all enjoy, and stay tuned for part 2 where hopefully I will have discovered some beautiful lost gems from the Sumach catalog.  Until then…

Gonjasufi – Duet


Gonjasufi – Holidays

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