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The other day I posted this Sade song in relation to an MF Doom song, and as kind of an afterthought pointed out this one instrumental break in the Sade song that I felt like could make a cool beat maybe, and then the craziest thing happened.

My old, old buddy Zach, who was (no pun intended) instrumental in getting me into rap in the first place, and getting me into music in general actually now that I think about it, posted a comment on that post that was like “yeah that part got me goin too” with this link, and I was like “hmm” so I clicked it, and he’d somehow acquired that Sade track, sampled it, and worked it out into a full four-minute beat in the span of like 36 hours from me posting that original song.  I mean by now I should be used to being amazed by the musicality of that dude, it’s happened since I first knew him when we were in fuckin middle school, but that shit just blew me away, so I figured the least I could do was shed a little more light on it since I know not everybody digs into the comments section of every single post.  But maybe now you will since you see what kind of wonderful gems can turn up!

Zach Miller – Fresh Victim

Fuckin’ A dude.  Thanks for your continued inspiration.

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