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Earlier today, For The Love by The Isley Brothers came on at work, and I realized I let the whole 15th anniversary of 2Pac’s death go by without re-listening to this song, which is a damn shame.  I feel like The Isley Brothers might be some of the most sampled dudes in rap (except for James Brown), and one cool thing about them is that they’ve stayed active over such a long time, and Ron Isley has even appeared in quite a few really awesome rap songs over the years too.  I think it’s cool when old school dudes like that keep up with and support new music later in life.  I mean Ron Isley sang Twist and Shout before the Beatles did, and now he’s on Wu-Tang songs and shit.  That’s awesome to me.  Much respect.

Wu-Tang Clan – Back in the Game (feat. Ron Isley)

Ron Isley – Contagious (feat. R. Kelly)

UGK – The Pimp and the Bun (feat. Ron Isley)

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I’ve really been trippin off of some original samples to west coast G Funk songs lately, maybe cuz I just watched Friday?  Regardless, some really expertly chosen shit.  I’m pretty sure Simon showed me at least one of these, thanks dude.

David McCallum – The Edge

(The Next Episode)


Joe Cocker – Woman to Woman

(California Love)


The Isley Brothers – Footsteps in the Dark

(It Was A Good Day)


Michael McDonald – I Keep Forgettin’


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