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Those of you that have been hangin’ with me since the beginning will remember the post where I gave you all a little background on the letter that Lil’ Boosie wrote from prison encouraging anyone who looks up to him to challenge themself to not fall into the same patterns and traps that he’s fallen into.  I have no idea now, and I have no way of knowing in the future if Boosie was involved in the murder he is about to stand trial for, but I do know for certain that I love his music, and that I don’t believe any crime deserves being executed over.

Today, we got news that the more important half of those feelings that I have has been set at ease: Boosie will not face the death penalty, no matter what happens in his upcoming trial.  I would of course love to also have news that he was going to put together some new music at some point, somehow, but I’m infinitely glad that they won’t be putting this man to death for the crimes he’s on trial for.  I consider anybody not getting put to death to be good news.  Maybe he can still make it to the top, all the way from the bottom.

Lil’ Boosie – The Rain (feat. Lil’ Trill)

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I feel like Lil’ Boosie’s letter to Alex and other kids he is a role model to that just came out has been circulating pretty heavy on the internet lately, so I won’t rehash the whole thing for you here, but reading about it did inspire me to put up a couple relevant songs for y’alls listening pleasure.  Matt put me on to Lil’ Boosie a little while back, so I gotta give props to him for this one, otherwise I woulda been totally ignorant of this whole scenario.  Thanks man.

I wish there was a video for this first track, but it was from when he was first startin out (back when he was still Pimp C Presents… Lil’ Boosie), so there probably wasn’t much money in the Trill Entertainment vaults to make tons of videos for this release.  It’s still a cool song though, I think.

Lil’ Boosie & Webbie – Keep it Gutta

And here’s a more recent one, and honestly one of my favorite videos I’ve seen recently.  I can’t not love a video where the rapper spends a good third of the video gettin a pump from his friend.

Lil’ Boosie – Top to the Bottom

Man, it’s painfully ironic hearing the intro to this song now in light of this recent story;  he sends it out to everybody who thought he’d be dead or in jail by now, and it turns out he is already one and just might end up being both of those things before too long.  Damn shame.  Maybe someday he can be back on top.

But hey, let’s finish this happy.  Reading that letter Boosie wrote, especially when he challenges his followers to “be better than me”, immediately reminded me of this TI song I just recently discovered, and since TI just got out of jail, it’s a little more of an uplifting note to end on.

TI – Be Better Than Me

Free Boosie.

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