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Since Matt’s post about the NBA Eastern Conference finals pretty much covered anything I could have said about Boston rap, I think I’m just going to share some of the amazing stuff my friend Ross has been showing me while I’ve been crashing with him in the Boston area.

Big Pokey, Big Shasta, & Lil’ Flip – June 27th freestyle

Ross pointed out to me that during Pokey’s incredible freestyle, he blinks approximately zero times, and his head moves less than 2° in any given direction.

Tommy Wright III – Die Nigga Die

Car jack. Gat packed.  Hard head.  Wig split. Die nigga die nigga die nigga die, got a big clip wid a Jason mask.

The Rappin’ Reverend Dr. C. Dexter Wise, III – I Ain’t Into That

Around 3:00 he starts getting into the things he is into.

Lil’ Terror w/ Playa Posse – It’s Whateva

This is maybe 1/8 of what he’s showed me too, I’m about to make him change his dissertation he’s writing from pre-Civil War Kansas agripolitics to Memphis underground rap.

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I’ve actually already shared my favorite song that centers around the phrase “thank you” back in this post, but that one’s a pretty heavy one, and I’m trying to avoid that feeling right now if at all possible, so here are a couple others.

Z-Ro – Thank You (feat. Lil’ Flip)

Electric Wire Hustle – Thank You Steve

Boyz II Men – Thank You

Thanks to YOU ALL too, you’re the best.

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