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Ok I’m gonna wrap this series up with my favorite instance of the concept.  This one has the most back and forth, the most emotion, the cleverest lines, it’s funny and serious, it’s got it all.  “Like Me” definitely gives it a run for its money, but I’m not sure it quite dethrones it.  Maybe a couple years of listening will change my mind though, I’d only 2 weeks ago even heard of Plane Jane.  Anyway, here’s this one, listen to every word.

Viktor Vaughn – Let Me Watch (feat. Apani “Nikki” B)

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OK one more post inspired from my time in DC hanging out with my friend Stuart, then I’ll try n get into the much more daunting task of tackling the New York rap scene now that I’ve arrived there.  Me and Stuart went record shopping a couple days ago at this real cool spot in Maryland and I found some real sweet stuff (including the Bill Withers LP that has the song that this Rap Journey is centered around), and after we spent some time listening to a Quincy Jones album I picked up, he pulled out this other album of his that I almost bought too, but passed up for some reason.  Now I’m kicking myself.

Quincy Jones – One Hundred Ways (feat. James Ingram)

If you don’t think I’m an idiot yet for putting this album back on the shelf, you will after you hear this.

MF Doom – Rhymes Like Dimes (feat. DJ Cucumber Slice)


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Ok, now that you’ve had a little time to absorb all that old school flavor from yesterday, here’s the continuation.

This track is reeeal dirty, especially for a New York rapper from the mid-80s.  I might expect some shit like this from Too $hort or somebody like that, but I feel like the east coast is a little more timid to go this far on record, but Just-Ice fuckin goes there.

Just-Ice – That Girl is a Slut

The most obvious track to bring up in relation to this track is Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick’s “La Di Da Di” (yes, the inspiration for Snoop and Dre’s “Lodi Dodi“) which it seems came out just a little before the Just-Ice track did.  But what’s especially exciting for me is knowing where the drums came from on this track from the great King Geedorah.

King Geedorah – The Fine Print

Yeahhh, 2/3 slow, 1/3 amazing.  That’s a formula I can get behind.

And if you just can’t get enough Just-Ice-inspired music, here’s a Redman track that reworks the song that got all this started in the first place.

Redman – It’s Like That (feat. K-Solo)

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Damn, stars must be aligned in the Madlib galaxy this past week, cuz I just stumbled across ANOTHER little nugget from a Madlib production.  This one’s just a little snippet, but totally unmistakeable.  I had no idea where that vocal sample came from at the beginning of this track, or even what the words being said were.

Madvillain – Supervillain Theme

Now I know both!

Just-Ice – Cold Gettin’ Dumb

Not only that, but if you go a little further into that Just-Ice album, there’s another little snippet sample that pops up in the MF Doom track I talked about in this post!

Just-Ice – Latoya

There are actually even more notable moments from that same Just-Ice album that I wanna talk about, but I’m gonna hit you with ’em in another installment, I feel like that’s enough for one day’s worth.  Stay tuned!

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That was my brain’s first reaction to realizing that I’d totally missed MF Doom’s birthday yesterday.  He’s successfully lifted himself up to that fictional/mythical character level in my mind moreso than any other rapper, and it’s weird to think that he has normal stuff like taxes to pay and birthdays to celebrate and stuff.  Pretty far out.

Anyway, happy birthday Metal Face.  May your rhymes never weaken and your mask never tarnish.

MF Doom – My Favorite Ladies



Stumbling across samples from popular stuff is always really awesome, but it’s not really that rare because usually popular new songs borrow stuff from popular old songs, you know?  So it’s not that hard to come across.  But finding the sample to some fucked up weird fringy shit is extra satisfying, because they usually borrow from other fucked up weird fringy shit, so it’s not as easy to just hear a song on the radio or in a movie or something, it usually poses a little more of a challenge.

This one I just got lucky on.  I was checkin out this album by a chick named Doris from the ’70s and from the moment the bass line started I knew I was having one of those rare moments.

Doris – You Never Come Closer

This one’s even more meaningful to me because it’s on one of my favorite albums of all time.  It took me a little while to get into the weirdness of it, but after I did I realized it was absolutely amazing.  The way the skits and the music are integrated, and the style of the beats in general, it’s really somethin special.

Quasimoto – Closer (feat. MF Doom)

It’s a pretty awesome day when you spot a Madlib sample, I’m glad I could share it with you all.  Get that Quas album, and fuck it get that Doris album too.

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This year on Christmas day I got a message from Reeve requesting some research into a sample he’d heard on a couple songs and wanted to know what the connection was.  Not that I need a super great reason to figure stuff like this out, it’s kinda what I do anyways (can you tell?) but Reeve was around during the time I was first getting into rap in the first place, so I felt extra motivated to figure this one out for him.  I mean I remember rapping Jay-Z and Ludacris and Biggie to each other on dance floors all over Norman back in those days every weekend, and those were some of the best times in my life for sure.  So here ya go, buddy.

The first track he mentioned was this one Oddisee‘s Odd Seasons series from a year or two ago.

Oddissee – Every Day People

That sample is a little chopped up and difficult to pin down, but the other song Reeve mentioned is much more cut and dried.

MF Doom – Orris Root Powder

Lucky for Reeve I stumbled across this original album maybe a year/year and a half ago and happened to remember spotting that very sample on it.  Funny how shit works out sometimes.

Arthur Verocai – Na Boca do Sol

And just cuz I love Reeve so much, I’m gonna give you a little bonus too. Here’s the next song on that MF Doom album.

MF Doom – Passion Flower

Aaaand here’s the song right before “Na Boca Do Sol” on that Arthur Verocai album.

Arthur Verocai – Seriado

There ya go dude, hope that satisfies your curiosity.  Anybody else got any requests…?

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This is one of those little details that I’ve thought about figuring out for a long time but never quite did, but now that I have this blog going, I’m a little more motivated to get to the bottom of things.  See there’s this sample that I’ve heard in tons of songs that is just one of those super simple, easily recognizable samples but it’s just so sweet that hearing it over and over in different songs doesn’t really get old to me.  I knew it was from this song called “Message From a Black Man”, but I didn’t know which version because the version I always had didn’t sound quite right.  So today I decided to do some research, and it turns out the song was originally written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong for the Temptations in 1969.  But when I listened to that version, it didn’t sound like the right version either.  A little more searching uncovered the version I’d been searching for.

The Whatnauts – Message from a Black Man

If you don’t already recognize this, check out what King Geedorah, RZA, and Nas do with this track.

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Damn.  Sade.

I’d heard her name for years, and I’d been meaning to listen to her music for so long, but I kept putting it off.  Then, after reading the interview I wrote about in this post, I finally decided to make it a priority, and I picked up her album Promise at Guestroom Records a week or two ago.  I quickly discovered I’d been putting her off for WAY too long, and I’m excited about exploring the rest of her treasures.

Aside from her music just being cool as hell though, there was a little bonus on the first track that made me smile real big.

Sade – Is It A Crime

Now maybe you smiled for a different reason, that’d be very understandable, there’s a lot to smile about in that song.  But this is what got me.

MF Doom – Kon Karne

I love how he adapts that “wider than Victoria Lake / taller than the Empire State” line from the Sade song into a few different variants at the beginning of each verse.  I also feel like the little break that happens at 4:43 in that Sade song would make a pretty cool beat —  I’m lookin at you Metal Face, I know you’re reading this right now.

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Damn, schooled again.

I’d just posted up what I thought was a complete discovery yesterday involving the original sample from Busta Rhymes’s “Woo Ha“, but I very soon got an email from Amber thoroughly schooling me on that sample, letting me know about 2 other songs that use it that I had NO idea about.  Wow.  Thanks, Amber!

Snoop Dogg – Loosen Control (feat. Butch Cassidy)

Faith Evans – I Just Can’t

So to redeem myself for letting these crucial tracks slip by, I buckled down and found that MF Doom song that samples the bridge section of that same song that I was talking about not being able to think of in my previous post.

MF Doom – Elder Blossoms

Man I’m liking this, I’m learning so much from you all!  The past 2 Rap Journeys have come from readers, that rules.  Keep it up!

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